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Over 100 local businesses have become members of The Greater Brockport Chamber of Commerce. As a part of our mission to promote economic success in the Village of Brockport and Towns of Sweden and Clarkson, NY, we are happy to promote business opportunities. As a member, you will be connected to other local businesses, creating a supportive environment for companies to thrive. Plus, you will have the opportunity to participate in community events and affairs.

Join a Community of Local Businesses & Become a Member Today!

The Chamber also takes part in and offers financial backing for events that support local businesses, such as networking events,  which support Seymour Library’s literacy cause, the Chamber’s Resident and Business Telephone Directory, the Food Shelf, Holiday Toy Shelf, and much more.

For additional information on our membership program and how to apply, email us at! Be sure to check out our newsletter for updates on upcoming events and activities that you can get involved in.

Membership Benefits

  • Business-to-Business Opportunities
  • Discounts from Other Members
  • Website Advertising and Exposure
  • Get Involved in Community Enrichment
  • Access to a Business Support Network
  • Awareness of Community Events

Plus, you will receive $50 in credit when you advertise with Suburban News or Westside News. Call 585-352-3411 for the Suburban News billing office